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What is Mortar

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What is Mortar? Perhaps you’re considering putting together an assembly of glass block to build a fashionable window. It’s possible you’re thinking about building a glass brick wall for your yard. Maybe you want a basement for your dream home that you’re building. To do these tasks requires mortar. But you might find yourself wondering, what is mortar? Mortar is the dried material in between brick gaps that holds together the glass brick wall structure you are building.  While it fills the gaps between the brick layout, it also prevents air and water from coming through. The mortar mixture is [...]

Glass Block Windows | Window Panel Sizes

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How to size window panels for glass block windows Window Panel Sizes for Glass Block Windows Prepping for your installation of window panels is an extensive process that demands precision and accuracy. If you're in the process of sizing window panels, here are some questions you may come across: What is the difference between a glass block window and a glass block panel? They look the same to me. I need to make a decision on what my window will look like. I’ll likely be seeing these windows frequently, so I want it to meet my standards. What should I [...]

2 Unqiue Ways to Use Glass Block in Your Bathroom

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Glass Block Bathroom Windows and Walls The way we use glass blocks in design and architecture projects has evolved over the past 35 years that The Glass Block Supply Company has been in business. We have grown from routine basement windows, to unique product applications that make a statement in your home. Bathrooms have become the number one place for glass block windows and walls in residential applications. If you're looking for creative ways to use glass block in your bathroom, we've got you covered. From glass block windows to glass block showers, this design feature has the capability to [...]


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