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No matter what your project entails, our glass brick inventory has a variety of options to meet your project needs. Check out our glass bricks below to find what will work best for you.

Are you ready to elevate your next project with glass bricks? Our inventory of glass bricks offers many different styles, shapes, and sizes to accommodate any project needs. Incorporating glass bricks into your next project will allow natural light to illuminate the space to create an inviting and mesmerizing ambiance. There are endless possibilities to add a modern, upscale addition to any space with glass bricks such as accent walls, showers, or bars. 

What are Glass Bricks? 

Despite their similar name, glass bricks are uniquely different from traditional glass blocks. Glass bricks are made of solid glass, unlike hollow glass blocks. Glass bricks are engineered to replicate the look and functionality of traditional brick units while allowing light to pass through the glass unit and brighten any space. 

To create the traditional look of brick units, glass bricks are laid in a running bond to achieve an elegant new look. Benefits of glass bricks include increased natural light in a space, enhanced interior designs, improved aesthetics, and additional privacy. 

Applications of Glass Bricks 

When customers or architects require high-quality glass bricks for their next project, Glass Block Supply is the top choice among glass brick suppliers for a reason. Our expansive inventory ensures the correct sizes, styles, and designs for every need. If you’re ready to start your next project, trust GBS to provide glass materials known for durability, safety, and innovation.

Glass Brick Shower 

For bathrooms that need a modern upgrade, consider investing in a glass brick shower. A glass brick shower is an excellent choice for homeowners to add light and openness to their bathroom without remodeling the entire room. One simple but beautiful glass brick wall in a shower will immediately brighten the space while adding a breathtaking focal point to the room. Glass brick shower walls add color and dimension to any bathroom without frequent maintenance. 

A glass brick shower may seem counterintuitive for privacy, but this is not the case. Glass bricks from GBS still offer privacy by distorting shapes from the inside and outside of the wall. This way, customers can enjoy a beautiful glass feature in their home without jeopardizing privacy. 

Glass Brick Accent Wall 

Many interior designers choose glass brick accent walls to create a stunning focal point in a room. Depending on the project, glass bricks can be used to create an accent wall in an office, a divider in a room, or an overall artistic piece within a room. Not only is the room elevated by the modern glass bricks, but it also allows light to cascade into the sectioned portions of the space. 

To level up a space even more, traditional masonry bricks and glass brick units can be combined to create a stunning feature of glass bricks and traditional bricks. Single glass brick units can also be installed into a brick masonry wall. Whatever vision you have, glass bricks can bring it to life. If you’re ready to install a modern glass brick accent wall, you can buy glass products online from GBS or reach out to a GBA design expert. 

Glass Brick Bar Designs 

Part of drawing customers into a bar from a busy street includes creating an enticing atmosphere. This can be accomplished with music, seating, and most importantly, visuals. A bar that stands out among all the rest is more likely to draw in a crowd from outside than a generic-looking bar. The addition of glass bricks to a modern bar design can accomplish just that. 

Glass bricks in a bar are ideal for bar walls, separators between booths, bar counters, or even outdoor railings. Immediately, the bar is transformed into an elegant space with natural light flowing throughout the room. Solar LED glass brick lights can also be installed with any of these features to take the appeal one step further. For bars that need an upgrade, don’t rely on boring drywall to enhance the space. Choose glass brick bar designs to renovate the bar and atmosphere for good. 

Choose GBS as Your Glass Brick Supplier 

The use of glass bricks is on the rise among architects and project managers across the globe. Glass bricks offer durability, reliability, and enhanced aesthetics for any feature or design. No matter how our customers choose to showcase glass bricks, each room or feature will be immediately elevated with natural light and an innovative design. If you have questions about glass brick dimensions, the cost of glass wall vs brick wall, or how to find a glass brick manufacturer, contact GBS today.


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