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The Glass Block Supply Company of Medina, Ohio has served homeowners, construction, and remodeling companies for more than 35 years. We are the number on glass block supplier in the US and the supplier of choice for residential and commercial glass block projects.

Since its inception, GBS has become one of the largest glass brick and glass block distributors in the United States. GBS is your one-stop source for everything you need to create beautiful and functional glass block installations, from a simple glass block window to accent walls, glass block showers, and more.

Hy-Lite Glass Block & Hy-Lite Windows Where to Buy

Modern Glass Block and Glass Brick A New Design Aesthetic

Forget everything you thought you knew about glass block. Today’s glass products are stylish, contemporary, and come in textures, finishes and colors you might not have thought possible.

Hy-Lite Glass Block Alternative glass block

Contemporary Style

glass block companies


Hy-Lite Glass Block Alternative glass block


Hy-Lite Glass Block Alternative glass block


Hy-Lite Glass Block Alternative glass block


Hy-Lite Glass Block Alternative glass block


Hy-Lite Glass Block Alternative glass block

Choose GBS for Unrivaled Inventory, In Stock and Ready to Ship

At GBS, we strive to provide the broadest choice and most extensive inventory of glass block and glass brick products. Our warehouse stocks a variety of SEVES glass block patterns and sizes, including the SEVES Imperial Line, Design Line, Basic Line, and Technology Line. We carry common sizes from Premiere Series 8″x8″x4″ glass blocks, and other 4-inch-thick options. GBS has less common metric sizes, including 3-inch-thick Thinline Series glass blocks.

A Product Line for Everything You Need

glass block imperial line
GBS Imperial Line

The Imperial Line we carry features four different collections of glass blocks and glass bricks. This line features the Thinline® Series 3” Glass Blocks, Premiere™ Series 4” Glass Blocks, High Performance Glass Blocks and Glass Bricks, and the Mini Collection. The Thinline® Series 3″ collection features a variety of clear patterns and sizes with a smaller thickness than the Premiere™ Series 4″ collection.

Our most common blocks are found in the Premiere 4″ collection, such as Nubio, Cortina, and Clarity. The High-Performance Collection features a variety of glass blocks and bricks in varying sizes and thicknesses, including the Thickset Fire-Rated glass blocks and VISTABRIK®. This collection also features a variety of patterns with energy saving options. The MyMiniGlass™ Collection features seven different colors and styles to add a modern flair to your project. Glass blocks from any of the collections in the Imperial Line are sure to make a statement in your home or business.

The energy saving properties that the Nubio and Clarity Energy Saving 1.1 Glass Blocks have made it a great option for keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, without compromising the amount of light that passes through.

The SEVES “patented design incorporates 2 sheets of low-emissivity coated glass inserts sandwiched inside the block creating a 2-chamber system. Air in the 2 chambers is replaced with Argon gas. This noble gas, with its inherent thermal conductivity value, also contributes to these blocks’ increased energy efficiency.” SEVES North American Design Guide.

These glass blocks features the lowest U-Value on the market at .19 and are available in sizes 8”x8”x3”, 8”x8”x4”, and 1919/8 Metric Sizing.

glass block shower
soft shades blocks

The Basic Line features three different collections: Clear Glass, Soft Shades, and Strong Shades. The Clear Glass Collection features a variety of different patterns of glass blocks in Metric sizing. The Soft Shades and Strong Shade Collections feature the same-colored glass blocks in two different intensities. The Soft Shades are more transparent and allow for more light to pass through, while the Strong Shades feature the same colors with more vibrancy. These blocks do not allow as much light to pass through due to how opaque the color is on the block.

So what is the difference between metric and imperial sizing in glass blocks? Essentially, imperial sizing is measured in inches and metric blocks are measured in centimeters. Metric blocks tends to be slightly smaller than imperial sized blocks. The size of the opening in your project may determine which block should be used.

glass block design line wall

Our Design Line is perfect if you are looking to add a colorful twist to your project. The Pegasus Collection features a new design of glass blocks that allows for more glass surface and less visible mortar in the joints. The Pegasus Collection features four small collections: Mendini, New Color Collection, Pegasus, and Pegasus Metalized. Thanks to the range of options and colors in this collection, you are sure to find an option that makes your window or wall standout. The Design Line also includes our VETROPIENO™ Glass Bricks, which come in four different colors.

glass block window | engineered glass blocks
GBS Technology line

At The Glass Block Supply Company, we keep a large amount of our Engineered Glass Block Systems in stock. Our Engineered Glass Block Systems are a part of the Technology Line that we carry. This product line features five different glass blocks that can be used where safety and security are top of mind. This collection features Fire-Resistant Glass Blocks and Bricks, Hurricane-Resistant Glass Blocks, Tornado Resistant Glass Blocks, Blast Resistant Glass Blocks, and Security and Detention Glass Blocks.

The Hurricane Resistant and Tornado Resistant Glass Blocks are perfect for areas where these natural disasters are a concern. Windows made out of these glass blocks are built to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds, and will not be damaged by flying debris. Our Tornado Resistant Windows are recognized by FEMA and have been rigorously tested against different levels of air pressure. The Hurricane Resistant Windows have been recognized by Miami-Dade County, the State of Florida, and Texas Department of Insurance.

The panels and windows built for our Blast Resistant Windows range in size from 4’ x 4’ to 8’ x 8’. These panels are built to withstand different blast levels, and will not crack or break like standard flat glass will. Similar to our Security and Detention panels, these panels are great for buildings where light transmittance is desired but forced entry must be prevented. They have the ability to meet UL 752 Resistance Levels 1 through 6.

The Fire-Rated Glass Blocks have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to their ability to meet common Underwriters Laboratory (UL®) standards. We offer a variety of glass blocks that meet different levels of fire-rating. The Premiere™ Series glass blocks offer the most amount of design options and offer a 45-minute fire-rating. The Thickset® 60 Series has a 60-minute fire-rating and offers a S.T.C. Level up to 48. The Thickset® 90 Series glass blocks are slightly thicker than the rest and is rated by the UL® at 90-minutes. We also carry a highly sought-after glass product that meets several safety ratings and really makes a statement, VISTABRIK®.

glass block pavers

Within the Technology Line, we carry a variety of glass pavers and photovoltaic pavers. Our pavers come in two different thicknesses, full and half shell. The half shell pavers have a high mechanical resistance and good thermal installation capacity. These pavers still allow for full light transmittance but are perfect for thinner floor and walkway applications. The full shell pavers allow for maximum light transmittance, high mechanical resistance, and good thermal installation, while providing maximum strength where it is required. Both the full and half shell pavers come in square and circle shapes.

Our photovoltaic pavers are perfect for applications where electricity, wiring, and maintenance is unavailable but desired. These pavers are a low-cost alternative to light up sidewalks, walkways, patios, decks, gardens and bridges. Powered by the sun, they are a great alternative to brighten up your exterior spaces while conserving energy. For more glass paver options, check out our sister company, GBA Architectural Products + Services. GBA is known for their unique glass paver options mixed with precast concrete, composite cast iron, and steel.

glass block pavers

Our glass bricks are another popular, trendy product that combine quality aesthetics and safety to enhance your space. The High Performance VISTABRIK® and Vetropieno glass bricks have a fire-rating of 90 minutes and are highly vandal and impact resistant. These bricks are often used windscreens, schools and other spaces where safety is a concern. Read more about glass block windscreens on our sister company’s site,

Stocked alongside our SEVES Glass Block inventory is a smaller quantity of hard-to-find glass blocks from Pittsburgh Corning. We carry the last remaining quantities of PC block, and we have a variety of sizes and patterns available for you to complete a restoration of existing windows or build new ones!

glass block panel windows
4 glass block window panels

Glass block windows and panels are an essential part of our business. Both can be made with a variety of patterns to allow for customization and to ensure privacy within your home.

The Clear Choice® Panels are a mortarless system that requires no painting, caulking, or puttying. These prefabricated panels are perfect for replacement windows or home remodels with a fixed opening. An added bonus to the Clear Choice® Panels is their minimal maintenance. Adding a ventilator to the panel is perfect for finished basements, bathrooms, or kitchen installations where airflow is needed.

Our Clear Choice® Glass Block Windows are ideal for new construction applications or remodels where the opening size can be modified. These windows are fit into an durable vinyl frame that is welded to perfection. The Clear Choice Windows are secured with a perimeter seal and a snap-in nailing flange to create a waterproof seal.

The difference between a Glass Block Window and a Glass Block Panel is easy to confuse. To learn more, head to the blog tab and read our blog Glass Block Windows – Window Panel Sizes.

There are accessories that both the Clear Choice® Windows and Panels need for installation. We carry a variety of Spacers, Panel Anchors, Panel Reinforcing Wire and Vinyl Channel for mortar and silicone applications. We also carry the mortar or silicone needed for any glass block project.

Here at GBS, glass blocks are our specialty. We pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge and experience. No company can match our customer service, technical support, pricing, and fully-stocked inventory.

Not only are we number one in our field, we take pride in our ability to provide budget friendly options for residential and commercial applications, like glass brick walls. Being such a high-volume distributor for SEVES Glass Block, we buy at the best prices so we can pass the savings on to you.

The Glass Block Supply Company is your one stop shop for everything with glass blocks!

If you are looking for more architectural glass block and glass flooring, check out our sister company’s website, GBA Architectural Products + Services. GBA Architectural Products + Services is known for their unique applications of all things glass. They supply and install GlassWalk™ Structural Glass Flooring, Precast Concrete and Glass Paver Floor Systems, Composite Cast Iron and Glass Paver Floor Systems, Steel and Glass Floor Systems, as well as, a large variety of SEVES glass block.

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The GBS Mission

The Glass Block Supply Company knows glass blocks and glass block products better than anyone else. We take pride in our decades of industry knowledge and the depth of our experience.

At GBS, care for our customers is our foremost value. We promise exceptional customer service, technical support, competitive pricing, and fully-stocked inventories. As the premier distributor of glass block, we offer a broad selection of products at various price points, making beautiful, high-quality glass blocks, glass bricks, panels, and pavers accessible on any budget.