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Glass Block Wall and Glass Brick Wall Applications So you've decided you want to add a glass brick wall or a glass block wall to your space. Whether this space is your home or business, you've come to the right place for all things glass block/glass bricks. There's two different ways to include a glass block wall into your space; an interior glass block/brick wall and an exterior glass block/brick wall. Interior glass block walls are great for residential and commercial spaces like offices, bathrooms in your home, or classrooms. Building a glass block wall into these spaces allow for [...]

5 Reasons to Buy Glass Block from Us

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So you've decided you want or need glass block for your next project. When searching for places to buy glass block you might search google for things like "glass blocks for sale", "where can I buy glass blocks", "glass blocks for sale near me" or "where to buy glass block windows". These specific searches may provide you with places to purchase glass block, however, they don't provide you with reasons why you should buy glass block from companies that show in your search results. We are here to change that! Keep reading for the top 5 reasons to buy glass [...]

2 Unqiue Ways to Use Glass Block in Your Bathroom

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Glass Block Bathroom Windows and Walls The way we use glass blocks in design and architecture projects has evolved over the past 35 years that The Glass Block Supply Company has been in business. We have grown from routine basement windows, to unique product applications that make a statement in your home. Bathrooms have become the number one place for glass block windows and walls in residential applications. If you're looking for creative ways to use glass block in your bathroom, we've got you covered. From glass block windows to glass block showers, this design feature has the capability to [...]


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