Glass Block of America

Your Glass Block Partner

Founded in 1985, as a supplier and installer of residential and commercial glass block, Medina Glass Block quickly became the expert in the industry. Now, as Glass Block of America, we remain strong; a family owned and operated business, holding fast to good business practices and taking care of our customers.

We know just how costly on-site labor or installation mistakes on the job can be. Our commercial customers rely on Glass Block of America as a partner to complete the Glass Block component of their project - which ensures end-client satisfaction. Unlike brick and block installation, Glass Block requires a different technical expertise to obtain the professional finished look your customers demand. The talents of a skilled craftsman will ensure your job is done efficiently and correctly.

Our unparalleled reputation and knowledgeable employees ... making it easy for you
  • Easy access to a full line of Pittsburgh Corning glass block and related accessories
  • Experienced technical assistance and customer support representatives
  • Top-rated on-site delivery and Installation services
  • Complete Project Planning assistance from bid to finish
  • 100 + years of combined Installation knowledge
  • Leading commercial glass block material and installation company

Contact our knowledgeable technical support team and learn what partnering with Glass Block of America can do for you.

Glass Block & Accessories Glass Block & Accessories
The largest supplier of Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block products and accessories. You will find a fully-stocked warehouse of Glass Block sizes and styles, and a complete line of accessories you need to complete your project.
Glass Block Installation Services Glass Block Installation Services
Commercial customers have been partnering with us for years to support their on-site construction and installation needs. On-site Installation of glass block can be challenging if you don't do it every day.
Glass Block Repair & Maintenance Services Glass Block Repair & Maintenance Services
Glass Block of America is experienced in the repair and restoration of glass block systems. Most structures can be restored to like-new condition on-site.